We believe in helping our customers look and feel good about their work environments We provide hands on help offering specialized services to help customers with all their cleaning or specialized products needs. These services include free estimate, free demos we will come out to your business place, P and C Supplies has the personnel and expertise to get it done for you.

P and C Supplies provides the quality performance that Building Service Contractors and Facility Maintenance Directors demand. From floor care and carpet cleaning to windows and restrooms, P and C offers cleaning solutions to create a cleaner, safer, healthier facilities and working environments. For nearly 33 Years P and C has been a leader in cleaning innovation for schools, healthcare, commercial facilities, residential buildings, and industrial plant sanitation. P and C brand deliver exceptional cleaning performance for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting… helping to eliminate germs and leaving buildings sparkling clean

We offer a wide range of Engineering Products from Fasteners, Penetrants and Lubricants, whatever market or Industry you may be in we can help you

From clean hands to clean facilities and Engineering products, P and C Supplies offer products and solutions for whatever market or business sector you are in.

Our Services

  • Restrooms and Kitchen Restoration
  • Mold and Mildew Removal
  • Tile and Grout Restoration
  • Drain Line Maintenance
  • Engineering Products
  • Fasteners, Penetrants, and Lubricants
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Industrial products for your industry or Market

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